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ime of isolation from t▓he outside world, a hustling and bustling "new world".But we, human, all have our dreams and kids, too. Y▓et, for kids here, compared to their peers in big cities, so

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mehow, it won't be so easy to realize their dreams.For this Tibetan girl, her wish is to b▓ecome a great singer when she's older.For a boy n▓amed Duoji, whose father died when he was an infant

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at 6▓ months, he hopes one day he could play on a bas▓ketball team. He is a good student in his teachers' e▓yes. His certificates of merits speak loud▓ly for him.But, kids here at the beautif

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ul yet remote and under-developed Daocheng County are st▓udying in classrooms, playing on playgrounds an▓d living in dormitories that are in dismal conditions.However, a group of 22 voluntee

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rs from ac▓ross China, sponsored by Jincheng Ruida Group, opened a window for them to have a glimpse of the outside world, and might help them d▓raw a step closer to their dreams.On May 26,

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a few da▓ys prior to Children's Day which falls on June 1, they visited three local schools and donated stationery, sporting goods, uniforms and daily necessities including flour, milk, see

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ou Xiaolei, a reporte▓r from One of the volunteers, who visited three primary schools and sent the writer all information and pictures.)(The opinions exp

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